Portex, Smiths Medical

Smiths Medical is committed to safety. When it comes to regional anesthesia solutions, the Portex® epidural portfolio has delivered on that commitment for more than 40 years. Designed with safety in mind from the tiniest details and the most miniscule movements, from pump to patient.

Pinpoint stability.

CSEcure® Spinal and Epidural Needle Assemblies

With a simple turn, the CSEcure® combined spinal epidural needle brings stability and safety to CSE procedures. It is intended to stabilize the needle set during injection of the spinal anesthetic, preventing movement of the spinal needle. It’s safety you can TWIST into.

CSEcure® epidural needle, hypodermic needle, medication delivery

Locking Mechanism

The epidural needle stabilizes the spinal needle and a quarter turn of the locking collar stabilizes the extension distance at the desired depth. To unlock and remove the spinal needle, turn the locking collar counterclockwise.

The feel of precision.

Pulsator™ Loss of Resistance Syringe, Portex Smiths Medical

Pulsator Loss of Resistance (L.O.R.) Device

The Pulsator Loss of Resistance (L.O.R.) device brings “sight to your fingertips.” The smooth GLIDE of the plunger is designed to consistently and reliably aid clinicians in finding the epidural space.

Smooth Accuracy

The smooth plunger action helps provide dependable epidural space detection.

Security that sticks.

LockIt Plus® Catheter Securement Device

The LockIt Plus® catheter securement device securely sticks to the insertion site while minimizing catheter migration and kinking with a CLICK.

LockIt Plus® catheter securement device, Portex Smiths Medical

Easy to Use

Open the securement device and thread it over the back end of the placed catheter. Close the device to secure the catheter. The large foam adhesive pad features easy-to-peel backing for an easy, straightforward application designed to minimize patient discomfort.

Connection in a snap.

EpiFuse® Epidural Catheter Connector, Portex Smiths Medical

EpiFuse® Epidural Catheter Connector

With the EpiFuse® catheter connector, safety is in the SNAP. It securely locks, easily unlocks, and features a color-coded design intended to increase safety by reducing the risk of tubing misconnections.

Secure Locking

The connector locks with a snap. Insert a Luer slip tip (such as a syringe) to unlock.

Single-handed protection.

Point-Lok® Needle Protection Device

A single hand is all it takes to LOCK the Point-Lok® needle protection device onto the sharp tip of a 16g to 30g anesthesia needle. Protecting your hands and helping reduce accidental needle sticks, from prep to disposal.

Point-Lok® Needle Protection Device, Hypodermic Needle

Designed to Reduce Needlesticks

Engage 16g to 30g needles with a simple, one-handed technique that keeps hands and fingers behind the exposed sharp. Once engaged, the sharp remains protected throughout disposal.

Jelco® Needle-Pro® Safety Device, Hypodermic Needle, Portex Smiths Medical

Jelco® Needle-Pro® Safety Device

LOCK the Jelco® Needle-Pro® safety hypodermic needle within the attached needle protection device using only one hand. The needle safety sheath helps prevent accidental needle sticks after the injection or aspiration of fluids.

One-Handed Safety

Enclose the needle within the attached needle safety sheath with a simple, one-handed technique that helps keep hands and fingers safe after use.

Safety linked in.

DuraFlex® Anesthesia Catheter

(Product not available globally. Available in USA and Canada Only)

Having a choice in catheter softness and tip geometries provides completely customizable and effective medication delivery. All DuraFlex® anesthesia catheters combine flexible wire cores within soft nylon jackets, to LINK strength with flexibility.

DuraFlex® Anesthesia Catheter, Epidural Catheter, Catheter Connector, Portex Smiths Medical

Ease of Use

Available with a choice of stiffness to ease insertion and placement.